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The Grand UK

Some of the world’s most popular holiday destinations are to be found in the United Kingdom. The variety to be found in UK travel is something to be experienced. It has everything from the hustle and bustle of historic cities to the silence of wild natural places and wonderful natural wonders.

A visitor to the UK needs to have a glimpse of the top attractions in England. One of the most beautiful regions is the Lake District famous as the place which has inspired the unbelievable works of Wordsworth. The romance and beauty of the district is truly inspirational for poetry. Buckingham Palace, of course, happens to be a favorite of tourists especially as it happens to be the official residence of the English royalty.

The beauty of the Palace is that it is surrounded by 40 acres of garden. In London, one can also enjoy a 30 minute slow moving flight over London in the world’s largest 135 metres high observation wheel- ‘The London Eye’. Big Ben, the 13-ton bell inside the famous London clock, which has rarely stopped is an important stop for a visitor to London. Without a mention of Madame Tussauds, any conversation or visit to London would be left incomplete. It is home to the finest wax models of important personalities-contemporary and historical, each created with a lot of effort by hand.

Wales is well known for its ‘Seven Wonders’. Wales is something which has to be truly imagined in your mind-romantic castles, mountains, moorlands, choirs, etc. It is also home to some excellent walking and cycling facilities apart from the wealth of water and adventure sports. Add this to horse riding, fishing, excellent festivals and the nightlife and you have what is a truly amazing vacation spot for you. Cultural gatherings are the essence of Wales, the most notable being the Royal National Eisteddfodd of Wales held in early August. There is perhaps no parallel when it comes comparing others with rock climbing in Wales.

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